Daniel Kozak January 9, 2020

We are here Venice 

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Venice, 9 January 2020 

Dear Dan Milhaltianu & the Associated Public 

We are very pleased to accept your donation of €1000. 

Capital Pool and the Associated Public Autonomous Fund 2019 

“Canal Grande: The Capital Pool and the Associated Public”, the work by Dan Mihaltianu displayed in the Romanian Pavilion at the 58th Venice Biennale 2019, reflects the relation between Art, Capital and Social Environment, inviting the Public to participate by donating money and to give their opinion on how the accumulated capital will be used after the end of the show (https://capitalpool.net). 

Following the recent catastrophic flooding and the situation Venice finds itself in, the Autonomous Fund, accumulated during six months of the Biennale, will support a non profit initiative, dealing with cultural heritage, climate change, mass tourism, social and economical effects of this permanent threat. 

It means a lot to We are here Venice to be able to count on the solidarity spontaneously offered by artists and visitors from all over the world, in return for the inspiration and hospitality offered by Venice. 

We will continue to work hard at keeping the city alive and the lagoon healthy. 

Warmest wishes 

Jane da Mosto 

Co-founder and Executive Director 

Account holder: WE ARE HERE VENICE 

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